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Kvarner - Lovran


Tourism started to develop in Lovran about a hundred years ago (between 1891 and 1893), supported by the tourist development of the nearby Opatija, i.e. the construction of the 12-km long coastal promenade from Volosko over Opatija to Lovran, which was finished in 1884 and by the introduction of electric tram connection Matulji - Opatija - Lovran (1908). In 1905 the town became a climatic sanatorium. Numerous hotels and the landscaped environment made Lovran one of the popular jet-set winter resorts. Lovran was visited then by many famous figures (Tomás Garyg Masaryk, first president of Czechoslovakia). First it was popular as a winter resort, and after the Second World War it started to develop into a summer resort. Today it is a popular seaside resort and a national sanatorium (the famous orthopaedic hospital). The mild climate (Mt. Ucka protects it in winter from the cold winds and in summer provides freshness), the lavish Mediterranean vegetation as well as the permanently landscaped environment make it one of the most elite summer resorts in Croatia. Apart from the two public beaches there are many small hotel beaches. Lovran offers a variety of accommodation (hotels, villas, rooms and apartments), sports and recreational facilities. Water sports offer is particularly interesting (yachting, water skiing); angling, walking along the promenade (Lungomare). Major events are the celebration of the St. George's Day, patron saint of Lovran (in April), fishermen's feasts (from June to September), Marunada - a feast dedicated to maroon chestnut gathering (in October), International Yachting Regatta (in November). LOVRAN, a town and summer resort on the south-eastern coast of Istria, 5 km south of Opatija. Forests of sweet chestnut (Lovran maroons) and laurel together with the sub-Mediterranean evergreen vegetation ring the surroundings of Lovran. The climate is extremely favourable: an average air temperature in January is 5.8 °C and in June 23.3 °C; Lovran has 2,230 hours of sunshine a year. Chief occupation is tourism. The town consists of the old and once fortified core on the coast and the upper part, scattered over the slopes of Gorica Hill (712 m), an arm of Mt. Ucka; the coastal town core is situated on a small peninsula. After 1885 a road from Lovran to the railway station Matulji and Rijeka was constructed. Numerous hotels and private houses designated for winter vacation and holidays have been constructed around the old coastal part of Lovran and along the road to Rijeka. Thus, Lovran represents, together with Opatija, the centre of the Liburnian riviera, with landscaped parks and gardens. Farms have been redesigned for tourist purposes, with viniculture, fruit and vegetable growing being the predominant occupations. Such development of Lovran also supports development of fishery. By having provided water supply from the fish zone at the foot of Mt. Ucka, the major natural disadvantage has been solved, the lack of drinking water. A long coastal promenade leads from Lovran to Opatija and Volosko. Situated on the main road (E2, E751) Rijeka - Pula.

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