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Island - Rab


Rab is one of the first oasis of tourism in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. The Mediterranean vegetation, ancient culture and the long tradition made the island of Rab already for many years a tourist centre and a spa. NATURAL BEAUTIES The vegetation is luxuriant, and because of the Mediterranean climate, Rab is covered with evergreen forests. The flora typical of the island of Rab: the olive, the fig, the grapes, the sage, the caper, the rosemary. It seems that the name "Rab" developed from Illyrian or Liburnian name "Arba" what probably meant "dark", perhaps of its forests. The Kalifront forest of indigenous helm oak, situated at the Kalifront peninsula, is the largest forest area at the island that is protected by a conservation order. BEACHES The crystal- clear Adriatic Sea laps the unspoilt and diverse shores of the island that make the whole island a unique seaside resort. The island offers a beach to everyone s taste: rocky beach, pebble beach and sand beaches like a famous "Paradise beach" at the Lopar holiday resort. THE SEA Owing to is ecological cleanness, the sea of the island is the habitat of numerous species of fish, shrimps, shells and corals - a real discovery for every well-meaning visitor of the sea world. THE POSITION Rab is one of the islands of the Kvarner Bay archipelago in the north of the Croatian Adriatic Sea. In addition to the ancient town of the same name, there are seven other idyllic places scattered over the island. Some 9000 people live there, mostly by agriculture, fishing, shipbuilding and tourism.


The town of Rab also boasts a long recorded history that dates back to the year 10 BC, when it is mentioned in an old Roman document by which the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus proclaims is a municipal and grants it independence. Before long it was given another rare honorary title, that of FELIX (happy) ; it bears witness to the fact that Rab was already a fully developed and civilised at time, providing amenities such as running water, baths, temples, a theatre, and a network of streets, to mention just a few. Although little is left of the antique construction, Rab abounds in early and late Romanesque architecture - houses, churches, monasteries church towers - of marked Mediterranean spirit. Feel the exciting contrasting coolness and warmth of this stone environment, of the numberless stone portals and windows that protect the quiet and covert life within the town walls from the noisy world. Right next to the city walls is the lovely Komrčar park, called after the name mentioned by the Franciscans already in the 13th century. The park was founded by its head forester "Pravdoje Belija" who came to Rab 1883 and turned the former town meadow into a beautiful park. Below the park is a beautiful promenade and a beach.

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