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Island - Krk - Malinska


Malinska, a town, port and tourist centre in the north-western part of the island of Krk; population 999. Chief occupations are farming, fishing and tourism. Originally a small village in the region of Dubasnica, Malinska developed as a port at the beginning of the 19th century, when the export of wood was transferred from Porto to the cove of Malinska because of a better road connection for transportation of wood from the island's interior. In the first half of the 19th century the port accommodated steam ships of the Lloyd from Trieste on their way to Dalmatia. Due to very good connections with the mainland and mild climate, tourism started to develop at the beginning of the 20th century, which spread between the two world wars, particularly after the Second World War. The company Brodokomerc built in 1969 a high-category hotel in the cove of Haludovo. The port lies on the eastern coast of the anchorage ground of Malinska. The town has road connections with all towns and villages on the island. Of the ruined church of St. Apollinaris (12th c.) on the old cemetery southwest of Malinska only the bell tower from 1618 was preserved, built by the constructors of Krk. The hamlet of Bogovici features a chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel from 1644; there is the Gothic-style church of St. Andrew from the 15th century in Zgombici, and Strilcici are known for the ruins of the Gothic church of St. Nicholas. Once famous for the ships, the present Malinska is a tourist resort popular for its numerous shingle and sand beaches and rich vegetation. It started to develop at the beginning of the 20th century, after the Society for Beautification of the Town had been established in 1909, to attract weekend tourists from Opatija and Rijeka or tourists from Graz and Vienna. Today many hotels of various categories are arranged along the forested coast, as well as villas, boarding houses, apartments, campsites, and one can swim in the swimming pools, maintained beaches and hidden indents. Walking along the sea or in the interior, organized fishing excursions or a game of boccia with the local population offer a possibility to experience the local atmosphere. Sports facilities include tennis courts, bowling grounds, miniature golf; horseback riding is also possible, as well as various water sports, particularly diving. Since Malinska is a fishermen's village, the local cooks offer fish but also domestic products - vegetable, wine from local wine cellars, but there are also many fancy restaurants. Cultural and entertainment offer is various, from the feast to the honour of St. Apollinaris, patron of Malinska (23rd of July) to tourist parties such as The Night of Malinska (end of July) or the famous Kvarner Regatta (in September), Cultural Summer in Malinska (15th of June - 15th of September).


Krk, a town, port and summer resort in the bay of the same name, on the south-western coast of the island of Krk; situated in the northern part of the bay; population 3,022. The coastline is rocky, shallow in the west and- -deeper in the east. The climate is extremely pleasant; the mean temperature in January is 5.6°, and in July 24.1°C. The cove called Drazica has a sand beach ringed by the Aleppo pine forest. Chief occupations are farming, viniculture, fruit growing, fishery, crafts, processing of synthetic masses and tourism. Of all ancient settlements on the island (Omisalj, Dobrinj, Vrbnik and Baska) Krk is the only town founded at the very coast. Road network connects it with all major towns on the island, and the Bridge of Krk with the mainland.

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