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Krk is a town, port and summer resort in the bay of the same name, situated on the south-western coast of the island which carries the same name. Coastline in Krk is rocky, shallow in the west and deeper in the east. The climate is extremely pleasant; the mean temperature in January is 5.6°, and in July 24.1°C. The cove called Drazica has a sand beach ringed by the Aleppo pine forest. Chief occupations are farming, viniculture, fruit growing, fishery, crafts, processing of synthetic masses and tourism. Of all ancient settlements on the island (Omisalj, Dobrinj, Vrbnik and Baska) Krk is the only town founded at the very coast. Road network connects it with all major towns on the island, and the Bridge of Krk with the mainland. Tourist tradition of the island of Krk is one of the oldest on the Adriatic. In 1866 the town of Krk issued the first tourist picture postcard through the Society for Improvement of the Town, so that that year is considered to mark the beginning of tourism on the island. Today Krk offers a picture of tourist diversity: Nature, with the typical Mediterranean landscape, narrow streets leading to one of the numerous cultural monuments, picturesque pebble beaches provide Krk an image preserved for centuries. On the other hand, the contemporary life has driven the inhabitants of Krk outside the city walls, so that a town of beautiful villas and attractive houses has developed, which offer hospitality to many permanent guests of Krk. The accommodation facilities such as hotels, boarding houses, apartments, campsites, a multitude of beaches, water sports and boating facilities, excursions to the treasury of heritage - Kosljun, or the mystery and richness of the underwater life of the islet of Plavnik (corals) - guarantee a warm welcome. During the summer, many artists and ensembles come to Krk. The tradition includes the local festival in honour of St. Quirinus, patron of the town (4th of July), the Krk summer festival (16th of July - 24th of August), with events taking place on the stages of the cathedral, atria of the Franciscan monasteries in Krk, Kosljun, and in the Frankopan Castle, as well as the Krk Fair (8th-10th of August). Lovers of the folklore can attend folklore events in Krk and the surroundings. The carnival season (January/February) also attracts many visitors.

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