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Island - Krk - Baska


Krk is an island in the Kvarner Archipelago, the largest island of the Adriatic Sea; covering an area of 409 sq km (38 km length, width up to 20 km) with a population 16,402. North of the narrow part at the line Vrbnik - Punat spreads the lower, forested, more fertile and populated part of the island. The higher, southern part, is predominantly bare, interspersed with thick forests. Tourist tradition of the island of Krk is one of the oldest on the Adriatic. It is very interesting that in 1866 the town of Krk issued the first tourist picture postcard through the Society for Improvement of the Town, so that that year is considered to mark the beginning of tourism on the island. Today Krk offers a picture of tourist diversity. Nature, with the typical Mediterranean landscape, narrow streets leading to one of the numerous cultural monuments, picturesque pebble beaches provide Krk an image preserved for centuries. On the other hand, the contemporary life has driven the inhabitants of Krk outside the city walls, so that a town of beautiful villas and attractive houses has developed, which offer hospitality to many permanent guests of Krk. The accommodation facilities such as hotels, boarding houses, apartments, campsites, a multitude of beaches, water sports and boating facilities, excursions to the treasury of heritage - Kosljun, or the mystery and richness of the underwater life of the islet of Plavnik (corals) - guarantee a warm welcome!


Lying at Krk Island's southern end, the town of BASKA is set into a wide bay, framed by some stark, dry, dramatic mountains. At the heart of the modern town, which is rapidly developing, lies a traditional, old fishing village that would not look out of place along the coasts of France or Italy. Old Baska is an atmospheric tangle of beautiful alleyways and colourful houses perched onto a steep slope facing the sea. However, for most visitors, Baska's main attraction is its 2kms stretch of beach - a mixture of sand and fine shingle, which from a distance looks like a long, sugar-cone coloured crescent of the moon. This is undoubtedly one of the best beaches on the whole Adriatic, and the view - with Prvic island and Velebit mountain in the background - is dramatic whatever the time of year. Add to this a fantastic selection of bars, restaurants and beach sports - and all the ingredients for a perfect holiday are here.

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