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General Terms and Conditions for Providing Accommodation Services


  1. Contents of offer - travel agent (further in the text, provides accommodation services upon the individual requests of the customers. presents its offer and provides information for the potential customers on the internet pages -,, and all other domains of guarantees the authenticity of the description of the accommodation units, graphic and date review related to the accommodation unit characteristics in its offer available at the mentioned internet pages as well as the authenticity of the conditions of the same offer. provides for the accommodation in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions and with the period and details of the confirmed reservation. is not liable for circumstances caused by conditions beyond its control, including wars, riots, strikes, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, sanitary disruptions, restrictions by local authorities, death or illness of service provider and the like.

  2. Booking and payment

    Inquiries and booking of accommodation can be done electronically, by mail or by telephone.

    When booking, the customer is required to give all the information necessary in the booking procedure.

    When booking, the customer is required to pay the pre-payment not later than 7 days from the delivery of the Invoice with the final Confirmation of the reservation and price calculation, the amount of which depends on the payment method (from10-50%) which differs according to the type of accommodation and the destination.

    The balance-rest of the total sum must be paid not later than 30 days before the arrival date or directly to the host or partner agency upon arrival, depending on the payment method, that the customer was informed about while confirming the reservation.

    Paying the pre-payment, the customer agrees with the price calculation, the complete offer and confirms that he is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions and that he accepts them in their entirety. Thus, everything stated in the General Terms and Conditions becomes legally binding both for the customer and The contract between the travel agent and the customer is subject to the Confirmation of the reservation and the receipt of the pre-payment in the bank of

    The contract between the customer and the service’s provider is subject to the issue of the voucher and to the payment of the total sum of the accommodation services.

  3. Price of accommodation

    The price of accommodation includes the basic services as described in the booked accommodation unit. The prices published on web pages vary from unit to unit, and are shown next to every accommodation unit. The price of accommodation is given in EUR. reserves the right to make changes to the stated prices (in the event that the host changes prices or there are changes in exchange rates). For customers who have paid the pre-payment for their reservation, guarantees the price of accommodation, stated in the calculation according to which the pre-payment was paid. If the changes occur prior to the pre-payment, is required to inform the customer.

    If more customers than are stated on the voucher arrive at the accommodation unit, the host has the right to deny the extra customers accommodation or to accommodate all of the customers at extra charge directly made to the host according to the price list of the host.

    The prices stated on the web pages of are calculated upon agreements with the hosts or the partners and don’t need to be relevant to the prices of the agencies or hosts in the destination where the customer stays, thus the difference in the price can not be the object to complaint.

  4. Special and optional services

    Special services are services provided in the accommodation unit which are not included into the price of the rent so that the customer pays for them separately. The special services should be asked for at the reservation request, they are paid for as an extra amount added to the price of the arrangement and they enter into the final calculation.

    Optional services are services provided by the agency which are not related to the offer of the rented accommodation unit. The customer pays for them at the destination either to the guide or the agency's representative in the national currency of the country where the service itself is provided.

  5. Travel documents

    When coming to the chosen destination, the customer is obliged to have valid travel documents (passport or identity card depending on the requirements of the agency which registers the customer) needed for his registration.

    The customer is obliged to have a voucher. He received his voucher after the confirmation of the reservation and is obliged to produce it to the travel agency in the destination or to the host to pay the rest of the price of the services he booked or to the reception of the hotel where he will be accommodated according to the information about the services paid in advance which are on the voucher.

    The customer is required to obey customs regulations and currency exchange regulations of the country where the destination is located .

  6. Residence tax

    According to the Croatian Law on the Sojourn Tax, customers are required to pay the Sojourn Tax when paying for their accommodation. The final amount of the Sojourn Tax is determined by the destination in the Republic of Croatia and travel period and is charged according to the General Terms and Conditions when the rest of the total sum of accommodation is paid either to the agent or to the agency or host in destination. The amount of Sojourn Tax to be paid will be stated on your reservation calculation and confirmation.

  7. Categorization and service description

    Accommodation units offered by (apartments, hotels or the others objects) are described on onsite assessment prior to being put in's internet offer.
    The standards of accommodation, food, services, etc. differ from place to place, country to country, and cannot be compared. Information obtained by telephone does not oblige in any way more than any information available on the above mentioned Internet pages of

    The accommodation services can be started to make use of at 2 p.m. on the day of arrival. If it possible to start to make use of them sooner, or the partner agency of is required to inform the customer.

    The customer is obliged to leave the accommodation unit 10 a.m. on the day of departure. If the customer leaves the accommodation sooner than booked, he is required to inform the office he registered in till 6 p.m. on the day before the departure day.

  8. Customer's right to changes and cancellation

    Should the customer wish to change or cancel a reservation, this must be done doubtless in written form (email, mail or fax). The following are examples of changes: changes to the number of customers, changes to arrival / departure dates. Changes must be made not later than 30 days before the arrival date.

    The first change to the reservation is free of charge, unless it entails further expenses for Adriahome, s.r.o.. For all further possible changes to the reservation or cancellation up to 45 days before arrival, whole amount of pre-payment will be charged, at least 50 EUR per change. Should a change to the reservation not be possible and should the customer cancel the reservation for this reason, the conditions for the cancellation of reservation listed below will be enforced.

    Every change of accommodation unit and all changes done within 45 days before the arrival date or during use of the accommodation unit are considered as a cancellation of reservation.

    In case of cancellation of reservation, the date of receipt of the written cancellation is used to calculate cancellation costs as follows:

    a) For cancellation up to 45 days before arrival date the pre-payment will not be returned to the customer - max. 30% of the accommodation price will be charged
    b) For cancellation from 45 - 21 days before arrival date, 50% of the accommodation price will be charged
    c) For cancellation from 21 - 15 days before arrival date, 80% of the accommodation price will be charged
    d) Should the customer cancel 15 and fewer days before arrival date, or not come, or cancel during use of the accommodation unit, 100% of the accommodation price will be charged.

    In circumstances caused by conditions beyond their control, customers must produce a written statement and will charge for real costs only, up to a maximum of 25% of the total value of the reservation.

    Should the customer not arrive at the booked accommodation unit before 12.00 on the day after the arrival date and the customer has not informed, his partner agency or the host, the reservation is considered to be cancelled and therefore the cancellation costs will be charged as described above.

    Should the customer find a replacement for the cancelled reservation, will only charge the real costs caused by the replacement of the customer.

  9.'s rights to changes and cancellation reserves the right to change or modify a reservation in case of circumstances caused by conditions beyond its control that cannot be predicted, avoided or rectified (See Article 1).

    Booked accommodation can be substituted only by an accommodation unit of the same or higher category and at the price confirmed during booking, provided that customer is notified ahead of time.

    If the substitute accommodation is available only in an accommodation unit of higher category and the price of the substitute accommodation is 15% higher than the initially booked accommodation, reserves the right to charge the price difference upon consulting the customer.

    In cases where substitute accommodation for paid accommodation is not available, reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior customer notification (at least 7 days before arrival) and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount.
    If an adequate substitute accommodation is not available on the day of arrival, will provide information on available accommodation offer and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount if the customer does not accept the alterative which was offered.

  10. Customer's obligations

    The customer is required to have valid travel document and to obey customs regulations and currency exchange regulations of the country where the destination is located.
    The customer is required to obey house rules in accommodation units and to have good relations with the host, to produce the confirmation of payment (Voucher received by mail or email) upon arrival; the customer is obligated to check whether a visa is necessary for the country where the destination is located or for neighboring countries.
    If the customer does not follow the above listed obligations, the customer is liable for caused damage and must cover the expenses.
    By confirming the reservation, the customer accepts to pay for all damages caused directly to the host.

  11.'s obligations is obliged to send the customer the confirmation of the reservation made and the voucher upon paid pre-payment or total sum (Article 3). is obliged to take care of provided services, hosts, and customers' interests and rights according to accepted customs and practices in tourism. will carry out all stated obligations in full and as described above, except in circumstances caused by conditions beyond its control (Article 1) , when Article 9 is applied.

  12. Luggage is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, as well as for the theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation unit (rental of a safety deposit box is recommended if available). Lost luggage or stolen goods should be reported to the host, to the office of the agency where the customer is registered and the local police department.

  13. Complaints

    If the provided services are not satisfactory, the customer is entitled to seek reasonable compensation by sending written complaint. Every customer is entitled to file a complaint if the paid service is not provided.

  14. Complaint procedure:

    The customer is required to complain to the service provider about the inadequate service immediately on the day of his/her arrival and to notify's office by email or by phone 00 421 903 355 847.

    If the problem is not rectified even after on the spot intervention's partner will put down in writing a record of the complaint in two copies, one for and the other for the customer. In such cases, the customer is required to send a written complaint along with the partner agency's record, other relevant documents and photographs that prove reasons for the complaint to by email to or by mail at Adriahome, s.r.o. Tomasikova 50/C, 83103 Bratislava, Slovak Republic within 30 days upon returning from holiday. Adriahome, s.r.o. will take into consideration only properly filed complaints received within 30 days upon returning from holiday assumes responsibility to make a written decision to the complaint within 15 days upon receipt of the complaint. If needs more time to collect information and verify the complaint with the partner agency, host or directly with the hotel, it can prolong the response time by a maximum of 15 days. will take into consideration only those complaints that could not be solved on the spot.

    The maximum compensation per complaint can amount to the cost of the part of the service(s) in the complaint. It cannot amount to the total sum paid to and cannot include services already provided.

    This excludes the right of the customer to get the compensation of the ideal damage. is not responsible for the services which were not booked in advance and confirmed by and are paid to the other services provider during the stay of the customer in destination.

    Upon payment of the pre-payment or the total amount, the customer accepts the General Terms and Conditions in their entirety.

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